Why hire us?

Our Bangkok maid loves keeping your home and office clean and tidy, so you can get on with your work and your family life. We are reliable, trustworthy, and very good at cleaning everything from windows to walls to carpets to kitchen sinks. We will give you results that sparkle.

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Detailed cleaning rotation system

With every visit our Bangkok maids address common cleaning tasks, and also concentrate on one area of your home or office for detailed, intensive cleaning. On the next visit we concentrate on another area. We never let any part of your home or work environment look grimy or neglected.

Maid and cleaning service in Bangkok for home and office

Millennium Maid Services provides reliable, thorough, and consistent cleaning service in Bangkok for homes and offices.

A clean and tidy office and a hygienic and neat home provide many benefits:

  • A space free of dust, grit, and grime can reduce allergic reactions and help you avoid colds and other illnesses caused by air-borne particles.
  • A clean home or office requires less maintenance. There is less dirt and grit to clog filters, abrade surfaces, or get into the works of electronic devices like your laptop or your television.
  • When you welcome clients to your office or guests to your home, you can do so confidently knowing that everything is clean and presentable. Your guest or clients will gain a favorable impression of you from the good condition in which our Bangkok maid keep your surroundings.

Keeping things neat can help boost your spirits and keep you feeling more energetic and confident.

Millennium Maid Service Bangkok keeps you home and office shiny

Millennium Maid Service keeps Bangkok shiny! We are the most thorough and reliable Bangkok maid service for both homes and offices. We recruit cleaning staff  and maids who are not only careful and reliable—they enjoy getting your home or office into its very best state so you can enjoy it and share it with guests or clients.

  • Our Bangkok maids is trustworthy, bonded, and insured, so you don’t have to worry about items going missing.
  • We use high-quality cleaning materials that leave no residue for you to deal with.
  • We deploy the latest equipment so we can handle even difficult cleaning challenges
  • Our cleaning plans are pro-active, and designed to support the way you use your home or office, and the state of cleanliness you expect.
  • We match our Bangkok maids schedule to yours, so we can do the cleaning without disrupting your work or relaxation.

Why wait? Contact us now for a free quotation on cleaning service in Bangkok that will enhance your work and home life.

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Cleaning involves more than just grabbing a broom and a dust cloth. We develop a professional cleaning solution plan to keep your home or office clean and comfortable. Every time we visit our maids do two things:

  1. Our maids in Bangkok provide general cleaning so surfaces are free of dust, floors and carpets are clean, and counters, sinks, and appliances are shiny.
  2. We follow a rotation system so that on every visit we concentrate on a particular area of your home or office and give it extra attention and detailed cleaning. This may include:
    • Detailed cleaning, polishing, and disinfecting of the kitchen and food preparation area so it’s pleasing and healthy to work in.
    • Deep-cleaning of carpeted areas; periodic stripping and refinishing of wood or tile floors.
    • Careful attention to cleaning bathrooms so they are hygienic and pleasing to use.
    • Special care during the rainy season to high-traffic areas like your main entrance.
    • Periodic cleaning of windows to remove grime and smears and keep the world shining in. Cleaning of window treatments, blinds, shutters, and other features around your windows.

Regular, thorough cleaning does more than make your home or office look nice. It makes a healthier environment and removes dust and grit that can cause both surfaces and appliances to wear out sooner than they should.

You don’t have to come home to a second job!
Let us deal with life’s little messes so you can attend happily to your work, your relationships, and improving your quality of life.

Satisfied Clients

Our commercial cleaning clients agree that we provide the most efficient and thorough office cleaning in Bangkok. Our residential clients praise our attention to detail, our flexible schedules, and the high quality of our maids and cleaning staff.

Our clients include the Hotel Amari, the travel website Booking.com, and the annual Music Run event.


A bonded and insured cleaning company in Bangkok

Millennium Maid Service is the premier cleaning company in Bangkok. Our maids is screened, trained, bonded, and insured. We provide a cleaning service you can count on, performed by staff you can trust. Our house maid in Bangkok treat your home as if it were their own: with respect, care, and close attention to cleanliness.


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In this section, we will also give some tips and tricks for housekeeping and office cleaning in Bangkok.

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